Qualitative Research .
Archives . Creative Writing

I specialise in qualitative field research and oral history work. As an advocate of communicating research widely I write about food and culture in popular online and print media. As an archivist I work on making research accessible through archival interventions.

MY background

I completed my M.A. in Mass Communication from AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi in 2011, and my M.A. in Archives and Records Management from University College London 11 years later.

In the ten years in between I have managed teams of varying sizes scattered across geographical locations on film productions and in research and archival projects. My training in films taught me to look for narratives in small details. My oral history work honed my listening and relationship building skills to perfection. I bring skills to innovate in tight spots and tricky situations to deliver projects in high octane environments.

ARCHIVing I Ethnography I wrITING

How do you do all that ?

On most days I am staring at a screen trying to get a word out. My writing and archiving are all grounded in research collaborations. For the longer answer take a look at my projects.

with P.K. Nandy

Farah Yameen

Reach out to me for research and archiving consultation and developing field projects, projects in food documentation and for fiction and non-fiction writing assignments.