Research Consultation for the Forgotten Food project, on food histories in Muslim South Asia from Lahore to Patna.

Research and Data Collection for the City Food Research project, Dept of Nutrition and Food Studies, New York University.

Researcher and Archiving Consultant on the ‘Metamorphoses of the Political’ Project, Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Göttingen.

Researcher and Field Investigator with Centre for Community Knowledge.

Assistant Project Coordinator on an exhibition of the mythologies, histories and cultures along the Ganga basin.

Public History Project: I have been documenting the biodiversity of edible leaves in India since 2019. Eating tons of rabbit food in the process.


Pucker Perfect: the Story of India’s Love For Sour Foods, Jan 17 2022, Diaspora Co.

To be chator is to ruffle preened feathers, to enjoy the forbidden, and simultaneously experience the sour, sharp, tangy, tart, piquant, and bright flavours of life.

Where the Hand is the Gaze Follows, July 15 2021, Whetstone Magazine

Perhaps our anxious need for the ‘made-with-love’ assurance stems from the fear of absorbing the rage and" misery of food made by tired, dispirited, calloused hands.

Caste, Fat & Indian Culture: Who We Are Is What We Eat, May 05 2021, Goya Journal

The urban middle-class kitchen aesthetics has written amnesia onto animal fats, as something distinctly outside the purview of clean eating, except when purchased in imported tins.

The Night of Forgiveness. (2021) in C. Chambers, Desi Delicacies : Food Writing From Muslim South Asia

The summer I turned ten, Bunnu Phua started hearing voices. At first they were howls of the hot loo filtering through the vetiver curtains with the dust that danced in the burnished slivers of sunlight...

Food for Dissent, Resistance & Solidarity, December 16 2020, Goya Journal

Commensal moralities rarely survive sustained protests. To feed another person, and to share a meal is an act of social intimacy that, especially in cultures like India, creates affinities and obligations...

On Bakri-Eid, the opportunity to remember one’s obligations to the less fortunate, August 01 2020, Scroll

Our left hand may not know what our right hand gives, but the stomachs that received what we gave shall not be allowed to forget it.

To eat what you love, June 28 2019, India Today

There is a popular notion that there are films that belong to mainstream cinema and those that belong to the festival circuit.

Hearths of the Raj, May 11 2018, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

The bulk of the housekeeping and cookery books published towards the close of the 19th century are addressed either to women who expected to find themselves surrounded by an entourage of native employees in a foreign country, or...

The Woman Who Gave Us Recipes from Shah Jahan's Kitchen, July 09, 2019, Goya Journal

The Naranj Pulao (orange-flavored lamb curry cooked with rice) is bright with orange segments, complemented by a crust of pale yellow rice infused with saffron.

In unsafe hands, August 03 2018, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

What needed to be said about the Partition and the traumatic transfers of asylum patients was said in a single short story. Anything else must have the courage to devastate us with its knowledge.

Not vanilla at all: The key ingredient is here, January 08 2018, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

Some time last month, Nigella Lawson (of the fairy-lit kitchens and the come-hither voice), declared pandan leaves the new matcha of the culinary what’s-what.

Snakes, djinns and idiots, January 11 2018, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

I had thought that bad driving is a malady unique to the subcontinent. I was now assured that I could be roadkill on a Shiraz street, which, in my opinion, is preferable to the ignominy of the same fate in Delhi.

Cairo Confidential, September 04 2017, India Today

The City Always Wins leaves you with a taste of the revolution in your mouth: Raw Consuming and Vital.

Dough a dear, March 10 2017, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

In the Persian fairy tale ‘The Girl of the Sour Orange’ (Dokhtar-e-Naranj-o-Toranj), a young prince sets out in search of the elusive beauty who lives inside the sour oranges that grow in an orchard of silver and gold trees, guarded by..

Cookbooks: The medieval editions, February 16 2018, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

Anyone not put off by vague instructions and a few missing measurements could effectively try and replicate a medieval meal.

The chronicler of ‘unremarkable’ women, February 03 2021, Blink: The Hindu Business Line

To read Chughtai in translation is to awaken these women who continue to inhabit the chawls, flats and kothis of Chughtai’s imagination.


Assistant Director (2011-2014) on three Discovery Networks India productions. Revealed: Rashtrapati Bhavan, Revealed: National Defence Academy and India: Living Traditions. Worked on the concept, research script, production, direction, and post-production.

Revealed: Rasthrapti Bhawan (2011-2014), AIM Television

Revealed: National Defense Academy (2011-2014), AIM Television

Revealed: India Living Traditions (2011-2014), AIM Television

Assistant Director (2012) on Teenovators , IMAK Entertainment with National Geographic Channel.

Assistant Director (2015) on two CSR videos for Family Health International.

Script Supervisor (2016) on a series of 45 films on the Swachh Bharat Mission and Waste Management Initiative in India.

Farah Yameen

Archivist . Ethnographer . Writer